Monday, April 16, 2007

What do robots dream of?

Reading a Perspective article in Science, or actually reading a Letter responding to the article, brought to my attention once again the research on robot cognition and self-awareness. How can robots be programmed to learn independently? And can they be modeled by our knowledge of human learning?
The article 'Resilient Machines Through Continuous Self-Modeling' describes how a robot can model its own gait, and if it is injured by i.e. removing part of a limb, it can think up new ways of walking by a dream-like process. In the 'dream' it revisits its past experiences and recombines the knowledge to try out new solutions to the problem.

'Resilient Machines Through Continuous Self-Modeling', Science Nov 2006
What do robots dream of?, Perspective article in Science Nov 2006
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

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Blogger glyn said...

Jeff Hawkins, the inventor of the Palm Pilot, is now working on a new computing concept related to Artificial Neural Networks. They call it HTM for Hierachical Temporal Memory, and it can be used to learn and model problems in a temporal setting.
Read his article introducin HTMs:

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