Saturday, April 14, 2007

Man vs. Woman

I can't help wondering what it is that make Men and Women think in different ways. It often leads to misunderstanding and frustration, and a lot of generalisation such as "Men/Women are always like that" usually expressed by women/men respectively.
The funny thing is, I know more than half a dozen women that I do not understand, and I know for certain two men which I do not grasp. This small statistic shows that it is not always the case that you can understand the ways of the people of your own gender.

When in doubt, I go to the Uncyclopedia to clarify things.

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Blogger nolachocolat said...

maybe you just know more women than men ;-)

10:24 AM  
Blogger glyn said...

Actually, I think the opposite is the case. I think I have more male friends. But again, that may be because they are easier to understand...

11:46 AM  

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