Saturday, July 23, 2005

Looking for accomodation in Nijmegen

I am searching for a place to stay in Nijmegen near the university in the period August 22nd to October 30th. Apparently the student housing is scarce in Nijmegen, and a room (kamer) can cost up to €400. I am looking for just a small room maybe 10-20 m2, with a monthly rent of 200-300 euros. I am willing to pay up to 400 euros if the quality and location of the room matches the price.

You can help me!
If you know of a place with a free room in the period August 22nd to October 30th, please drop me a mail, and I will be delighted.

How am I currently searching for a room?
I use the websites , and . With a little help from Altavistas Babelfish I can translate the ads from Dutch to English. Do you know of more online services I can search? Please let me know.




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