Thursday, July 14, 2005

Old friends Unite!

At Roskilde Festival I bumped into Mathilde, a friend I haven't seen in years! Now I hope to see her before I go to the Netherlands this autumn. Yes, I am going to Nijmegen Universiteit for about 2½ months, leaving August 22nd. I'll keep you posted.

Today was the last day of my summer course in Computational Modelling of Biological Systems, excellent course. But it won't be entirely off my mind before I have finished the mandatory report. If you are interested, I have made a small model system of the calcium activation of the NFAT transcription factor. :o)

Tomorrow I will visit my friend Finn at Andebølle Højskole. I am really looking forward to this visit. I have not seen Finn for at least a year, and I have never visited Andebølle before.


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