Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where did the shrimp go?

Have you seen this shrimp? Two weeks ago, I added five black crystal shrimp to our department aquarium in addition to the three red crystal shrimp and three larger Malawa shrimp already there. The black striped shrimp soon went into hiding, and became difficult to spot, but as of today I fail to find any of them. Have you seen them? Did they leave a message? Did you or a Chinese girl eat them?

We welcome any hints to solve the mystery of the missing shrimp.

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Blogger glyn said...

Shrimp recount:
Today I saw two black shrimp at the same time, so our population of black crystal shrimp is not extinct!
Also, we still have all three of our red crystal shrimpt,

But, the sad news is that one of the large shrimp (what species is that again?) died yesterday, and was quickly devoured as a welcome nutritious snack for the platys...

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