Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Christmas in Denmark part 1

Christmas calendar on TV

Every year there is at least one christmas calendar on TV, a TV-series in 24 episodes, which they send from the first to the 24th of december. The story is of course about christmas and sweet and funny at least in the childrens christmas calendars. The grown-up versions are usually more sarcastic or even black humour, varying from year to year. This year the childrens calendar is about two children who accidentally release the old norse god Loke from his prison, and they have to go to Valhal, the city of the nordic gods, to tidy up the mess.
The postoffice sells a paper christmas calendar that matches the children series. Every day the children open a window and find an image that has something to do with the days episode on TV.

I bought myself one of the paper calendars, but I have forgot to see any episodes of the TV series yet. :o)

The website of the childrens TV calendar

Coming up:
- Christmas dinners
- Christmas eve
- Christmas stamps


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