Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Arrived in Nijmegen

I have now safely arrived in Nijmegen and installed myself in the flat of Rinaldo and Ingrid (very nice people!). My first day at the university was yesterday, and now I have more or less started on my project.

TODO project-wise
  • install R statics environment
  • read the R intro documentation
  • refresh my Perl knowledge
  • read the 'using R within emacs' guide
TODO other things
  • buy a strippenkarte for the bus
  • borrow or buy a used bike
  • find the location of the nearest tango dancing lessons ;o)

Friday, August 12, 2005

New toys

I bragged to my family today because I have just received my new electronic toy: an IBM thinkpad. I have used most of the day installing things, checking the recovery system and Win XP pro, and installing Ubuntu Linux on a separate partition.

My mom was not highly impressed: she had also bought a new toy, the NOKIA 9300! And I thought I was getting nerdy. ;o)

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Speaking of babies

I also got some adorable photos just the other day of Django (son of my dear friend Josh)

Hu Da Ming

Until recently, if someone asked me if I had relatives in China, I would say no. But now my cousin Frank has moved to China, found a lovely wife, and what next...?

Next thing the family gets a bunch of lovely photos per email of the gorgeous Hu Da Ming.

Welcome to the family!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


I saw an article about this small gadget in todays newspaper. I think it is a good invention that deserves some publicity. :o)

If I were to write an advert, it would sound something like: "Do you wear a tie every day or on special occasions? Either way, this device is for you! Mark the length of your tie for your favourite knot and tie your tie only once!"

Here is the illustration from Tiemarkers homepage:

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Excellent weekend

A whole day of culture. I think I have had my biannual treat of culture today in the company of trynen. We went downtown Odense, visiting small stands selling antique bits and pieces. I bought a broche and three small ornamented frames.
The rest of the day we spent at Brandts, enjoying the current exhibition of shadow play. In the evening we went to Café Biografen to see the movie Last Life in the Universe. Excellent! I highly recommend it.

The user statistics for for the first days of August look like this:

Less than half of the visits are Danish. A warm welcome to the rest of you too. And by the way, trynen was lucky to receive a domain and a years hosting as a birthday present. Lucky girl.

Late summers greetings,