Monday, January 09, 2012

The year of the blue jeans

(This post has been one year in the making)

If you know me, knew me or spent any amount of time with me before 2011, you would know that I never wear jeans. I don't buy them, so naturally I don't wear them. It is a habit I built very consistently, since before I started buying my own clothes. I simply would not wear blue jeans. Once in a while I might try some on, but always ending up preferring corderoy, linen or any other type of soft trousers over the stiff uncomfortable fabric of blue jeans... All this was as true as it is written until christmas of 2010. That christmas, I went - as I have for habit - to visit a good friend of mine in Odense. Since my last visit, which took place approximately a year earlier, she had not only given birth to a lovely baby boy, but had also increased a couple of sizes around the waist. And as it happens, she is the type who will wear 95% blue jeans, only exception being the skirts she wears in the summer. She offered me as a very generous gift her whole collection of jeans in various sizes all too small for her. I was hesitant at first, but accepted to bring home with me the grand total of 25 pairs!

Soon I selected the six pairs that fit me the best and gave the rest away, some to equal-or-slightly-smaller-sized friends and the rest to charity. I quickly got used to wearing them too. They are not uncomfortable if they are the right size, and for the most they will suit me, make me believe I have a nice shape.

So if you have seen me or met me or spent any amount of time with me in 2011, you will have noticed that I wear blue jeans 95% of the time. This may change in 2012, especially if I continue my combination of muscle-building exercises plus chocolate every day...

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