Monday, October 25, 2010


I am proud of my friends.
My friends respect me just as I respect them.
They have an interest in my well-being and will try to help me when they can. I try to help them too and enjoy being able to help. But if I am unable to help or if I am asked a favour and I say no, my friends will respect that too.
My friends respect my opinion. We may not always agree, but my friends accept our differences.
My friends respect my property, they will never steal from me and they will take good care of my things if I lend things out, and of course return my things at first opportunity.
My friends respect my time, they try their best to keep appointments and apologise if they made me wait.
My friends respect my home. They do not intrude on me, they ask my favour to be in my personal space. And my friends will leave my house when I ask them to.

Because my friends show me respect and care for me, I respect and care for them too.
You know this already if you are my friend. And that is why I am proud to be friends with you.

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