Sunday, May 09, 2010

Flowers for mothers day

Dear Mother,

I wanted to send you flowers. a lovely bouquet, for Mothers Day. Unfortunately no flowers are allowed in the intensive care ward, so I have sent you a flowery postcard, and by this blogpost I send you a digital version too.
There are many advantages to virtual flowers like these. For instance, I can search google images for as long as I want for exactly the colour or the bouquet that will suit my needs. I even tried searching for a special flower arrangement that can bring down your fever, but then I heard that it had had effect even before I sent it. This success encouraged me to look for more magical flowers, like the flowers to increase the grow of your healthy leukocytes that were all knocked out by the chemo therapy. Actually, I am searching for flowers that will relieve you of all side effects of the treatment, as well as flowers that give you strength, flowers that make you feel happy, and flowers that give you pleasant dreams at night. Also, I would like to find flowers that gives me motivation to do my work, but it is far more important for me to find and send you the flowers that will bring you good health and let you know that I love you.

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