Tuesday, December 01, 2009

First stop: Iceland

I looked out to see the setting sun over the sea of clouds, and I discovered clouds of a texture that I did not recognise from anywhere. It was beautiful, and I thought to myself: this is what clouds look like when they are freezing.
The fact that the stewardess not just once, but twice addressed me in Icelandic proves to me that she was convinced of my Icelandic nationality. She looked rather surprised when I later asked for a cup of tea - in English. So I could not help trying myself to facespot the Icelanders at the airport. My clothes and the shape of my face could go for Icelandic, but I think my nose would have given away my non-Icelandic heritage if she would have had a closer look at my profile.
Imagine being Icelandic. Imagine having these amazing landscapes as your home. Would you cease to see the beauty of it and leave in search of greener pastures? Or would you be bound in your heart and soul to love the views of your homeland under the forces of nature. To me it looks magical, and I want to look closer. Iceland: I will be back!

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