Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Currently reading

Since I started writing this post I finished reading Mr. Pye, but I left it here, just to make the list look longer...

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Blossom rain

Cycling to work today, a brisk but warm breeze came against me, just as I was passing by a row of trees in bloom. Moments like that are too surprising, too short and too rare to catch on film or show to friends, but the image is still on my mind. I will dream of it again, reminded by photos like this of awesome cherry blossoms.

Photo courtesy: Fine Rain on Flickr

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Danish culture

Trying to catch up on the Danish culture I have missed out on by ignorance or simply by living abroad, I have watched a lot of Danish films lately. Yesterday, reviewing Idioterne, I came to think about how little censorship was and is enforced in Danish media.
Naked people? No problem, show it on the silverscreen, show the kids on primetime TV. Naked people by Lars von Trier? The same... however these characters engage in explicit sex, in broad daylight, 10+ people in the same scene. No big stir, no uproar, except outside Denmark. So I am wondering: does this give Danish culture an image of tolerance, or plain blunt insensitivity?

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Lost my number

I have lost my Skype-in number... It belongs to someone else now. It is like loosing a little piece of something that was part of my identity, along the lines of loosing a domain name that you have been using for years. Rather sad circumstances, but that is the way things go if you do not renew your subscription.

And here I must say that it is not because Skype did not give me the chance, no they notified me even more than once that my subscription was due, and that they would keep the number in reserve for me for three months (in case I would still like to keep the same number). Unfortunately for me, three months passed, I did not renew, and now my number is gone.

The worst part is to choose a new number, and then circulate it to all my friends, telling them the old one is no longer valid. Maybe it will happen sometime in this millenia...

Illustration courtesy: www.invata-mate.info

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Monday, April 06, 2009

Water the plants

A company specialised in installing and caring for plants in office environments did exactly that; they installed and cared for plants in our whole department. Except, they did not manage the "care" part. To some it may seem to be a bigger problem to buy and transport the plants and decide where to place them, but for these guys it seemed to be more difficult to send someone to water the plants at a regular interval.

Now we water our plants ourselves.

Illustration courtesy: homeexchangetravel.blogs.com

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