Thursday, January 29, 2009

Relief by diagnose

A good friend of mine wrote me to tell me some good news. At an age of 45+ and after years of distress he finally found the explanation for the multitude of problematic situations he had encountered in his life. He got a diagnose of Aspergers Syndrome. Then he realised that all the occasions where he had failed in social situations was either when he had unknowingly hurt someones feelings and made them mad, or when he himself got mad and did not get the response he expected from others. Now he is actively practising reading body language and imagining how other people feel about their situation. In his letter he thanked me for always just accepting him for who he is. I thank him for the same.

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(I put this illustration here because I find it funny that you can have a word that does not mean asparagus but sounds sooo much like asparagus...)

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