Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yesterday I did my tussentijdsetoets (TTT a pre-exam for the driving lessons exam in Holland). Wow, did I make lots of mistakes... I did not really like the crude attitude of the examinator. Maybe he got annoyed when I told him to put on his seat belt before we left the parking lot. In any case he was telling me in very rough terms where to go and pointed out my mistakes as we went along. And all the time he had this characteristic frown on his face that appeared to say "why am I wasting my time here".
I did a few things right - got them ticked off on the list, so my real exam will focus on the things that I did not pass this time. However, to minimize the probability of making mistakes, I want to do something like 10 more driving lessons before the real exam in December.

Photo courtesy: Verkeerschool van Ool

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