Monday, May 14, 2007

A bientot Nola!

I wish you a nice trip to La Reunion. We all expect to see nice underwater photos soon. Do not forget to enjoy the chocolate...
See you again in August!

Photo courtesy: Marc Pelissier on

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Blogger nolachocolat said...

Hi miss,
Yesterday evening I went to my first salsa lesson
It was the beginner course but they already started some months that was not really easy but we changed partners every 1 or 2 minutes so they did not had time to get too annoyed by me....well except one.... who told me he could see that it was my first time and that he was sorry but he could not feel any communication so he refused to dance with me.....
I was a bit confused for the next one still..but then I got myself back ;-)
Did not swim yet..the beach is rather far and full of corals because of the big waves!

8:54 PM  

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