Sunday, March 05, 2006

What the BLEEP?

I saw a very special movie today: What the Bleep do we know!? It is neither pure documentary or pure fiction, but a series of interviews with a mixture of prominent professors in quantum physics and neurology, philosophers and spiritual teachers. Each of them trying to describe the link between the physical world and the individual experience of the world. They all agree there is still a missing link, and they present their opinion on what the current science should tell us about consciousness, freedom of choice, the problematic idea of an omnipresent deity, and how we can influence our own lives by thinking differently.

The topics of the interviews follow a simultaneous story of a photographer who reconsiders the contents of her life and her own reactions. Unfortunately, this story takes up precious time from the interviews to go into depth with the scientific ideas, so the producers decided to make a sequel, 2½ hours featuring new interviews and less sidestory.

I liked the movie as food for thought especially the part discussing consciousness, but not all interviewees were clear about their viewpoints, and I missed a great deal of explanation on the scientific side, so I will try to find a chance to watch the sequel.


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