Saturday, February 25, 2006


I can count several nice advantages of spinning:
  1. While sweating your breakfast you can concentrate solely on the rythm and your performance, forgetting time and place. A bit like meditation.
  2. You can do spinning as substitute for running if you have injuries (e.g. shin splints) and get the same or better cardiac training.
  3. After an hour of spinning, followed by cooling down and streetching, you feel like you have left your old legs behind in exchange for a brand new pair.
  4. You really enjoy the shower afterwards when you have worked so hard to deserve it.
The worst part about spinnning is the wrinkled squishy fingers you get of holding on to the sweaty handle bars for so long. But I do not think it outweights the advantages. Just remember to bring a towel with you as well as sufficient water supplies.

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